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Why Your Brand Story and Strategy Matters During Covid-19

With so much noise online about Covid-19, a brand might think they need to join the party and become a repository for Covid development updates, Federal Government support updates and more. But straying from your brand story, principles and strategy is not something you want to do.

Sure, it's ok to be a champion and post uplifting and encouraging content on social media, but be careful how much you're straying from your own brand story.

Your consumers want to know what you're about. They want to know where you and your service or product come from and what you're offering - as well as the story behind it. So what should your plan be during this time? As of March 2020, engagement on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram went up by 50 per cent. Now is the time to get your content seen and to be heard in a way that you may not have experienced before.

1. Get Creative.

Consider developing a video strategy that encompasses weekly updates about your services or products. Show your consumes the behind the scenes of what your brand does, how it fills a gap and why your business is important.

2. Stick to your brand guidelines.

Whether it's messaging or even colour, make sure you're not straying too far from your own brand guidelines. You should have your own set of key messages, brand colours, typefaces and more that define your brand and its vision, mission and values.

3. Consider design principles

When designing graphics, it is important to stick to the basic rules of design. Consider the basic design principles including alignment, proximity, repetition, contrast, balance and space. If the graphic includes information or an announcement, ensure it is easy for your audience to read and be sure to use colours that both align with your brand guidelines but are also relaxing in nature.

4. Continue to monitor your content week to week, but keep on with regularly scheduled programming.

In a crisis situation, it is critical for your brand to pause on all scheduled posts. But we are now week six into Covid and if you want to amp up regularly planned content, go for it! Just be sensitive.

5. Be mindful of your digital voice.

The tone of your words is important. Be mindful about how your brand's message will be received by your audience. When writing captions, developing content or even responding to comments, be compassionate and positive. It will leave your audience excited about your content and likely to share it with others.

6. Brand trust

During this time, it is so important to be timely and transparent with all information. Share things with your audience like how you are planning to keep your staff safe, how you are striving to accommodate your customers or any important announcements, rather than just regurgitating other Covid content. Be ready to openly communicate with your audience and answer questions.

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