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The "roaring" 20's are here! So what's trending (digitally) in 2020?

Happy New Year everyone!

We've all had a nice break binging on family time, sugar cookies and Netflix but now it's time to get back to business. Slowly getting back to it? With hundreds of articles on trend spotting, we've done the sifting for you

in finding the top digital trends and changes for this year.

So what can we do to up our game digitally in 2020? Here are our top seven projections:

1. Fleeting content will only get more prominent - and you should get on board.

Fleeting content is content that only lasts for a few seconds. Tools like Instagram Stories, TikTok and Snapchat are all great examples of this. With more and more noise clouding the digital space, consumer behaviour includes smaller attention spans, so make sure you're utilizing these easy-to-use tools with engaging and meaningful content to capture your audience.

2. Social Media is still a goldmine for data and insights.

Ever hear of "Social Listening"? It's quite possibly the most cost-effective way to hear what your consumers want. Social listening includes anything as simple as reactions and comments to things like lead generation and ad campaign or influencer campaign results. Either way, producing and pushing out engaging content with your audience in mind or crafting ad campaigns that speak to your consumer will not only afford you brand awareness, but they will also give you invaluable data that can support your overall marketing planning as a whole.

3. Video is still the ultimate player in content marketing.

Video is one of the most engaging forms of content on the web. From Instagram Stories, to IGTV, TikTok to YouTube, short-form or long-form, video still performs roughly 80 per cent better than static content. If you represent your own brand, video will really be your best friend in 2020. It is the best possible way to represent your content in a fast, effective and clear way that is easy to consume. Have no idea how to talk to a camera? DM us, we do training for that in addition to script writing to keep your message on track.

4. Instagram will likely move from beta testing to official likes removal in 2020.

In 2019, Instagram beta tested the removal of likes from being seen by the public. Don't panic. Although likes are important to our friends bloggers and influencers, brands can still use tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout (to name a few) to generate reports and understand their data.

5. If you're still on Twitter, you need to up your game.

Twitter is still a great tool but you might need to get a little creative to keep your channel follow-worthy. Try using things like Twitter takeovers, polls and live Tweeting to keep things fresh and exciting.

6. Influencer marketing is here to stay.

Influencer marketing is a modern form of conducting media relations. If you are working with a public relations professional or firm, they should be looking at adding digital media contacts into their outreach strategy if it suits your brand and budget.

In some cases, influencer marketing, if within your budget, can be more effective than advertising campaigns. If you plan to work with influencers in 2020, just be sure you know who you're working with, who their audience is and what kind of return you'll be getting for your hard earned dollars.

7. VR is still very much on the horizon, literally.

Horizon is Facebook's new social virtual reality world and virtual reality, or "VR" is being used on major channels such as Snapchat and Instagram. Big box brands like Clearly Contacts launched the ability to try on glasses virtually this year and VR is being used to enhance content to a point of high-level experiential engagement.

Gear up, 2020 is going to be busy! Social Centric is always available for training sessions, both personalized and for groups as well as to support your content marketing strategy - connect with us on our website, Facebook or Instagram if you need support!

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